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Diary update 3/04/2024

So with our first season of post-pandemic shows behind us we can safely say that your players are back! Our November / December production of Eric Chappells' comedy 'Haywire'  was a great success. The audience certainly enjoyed it! If you would like to see more information about the show and some pictures taken during the production, then click here

Curtain Call - Haywire - Nov. 2023

It has recently been a bit of an issue trying to find plays that we can cast with our limited number of acting members. This is something you may be able to help us with perhaps? If not, there are many other ways you can be involved in our productions. We really need a good scenic artist and a set designer to come onboard, but if painting is not your virtue, you could be creative in many other ways like set building, lighting, stage management, or front of house, even book-keeping? Come on, we all had to start somewhere. Age is no barrier. All you have to do is contact us.

Sadly we lost one of our long standing members, Dean Bolton, during the Pandemic. We dedicated our recent production of  'Love, Lies and the Doctors Dilemma' to the memory of Dean.

So what's next for us?

Well its our 75th Birthday this year!
And for it, we have chosen a comedy thriller for our next production, which is  `Twist'
by Miles Tredinnick. Miles has written several plays, however, Twist is perhaps the one that is best suited for us. It has a cast of three women and three men. 

As mentioned above, finding a suitable play that suits both our limited sized stage and our available acting members is always a challenge, so as our audience, if you can suggest a play that  you feel we could  produce, then please contact us.

The group has been performing twice yearly (or sometimes more) since 1949.We are immensely proud that the Drayton Players have been entertaining local audiences since 1949.